Safety Features of Patio Heaters

2019-12-24 14:36
1. No Naked Flames

While restaurants and bars often have spectacular heaters with blazing flames on display, most patio heaters for home use have the flames safely contained inside tempered glass tubing or an emitter for protection. This reduces the fire risk associated with using a patio heater.

2.Anti-Tilt Device

Anti-tilt design features, such as a wide or weighted base, minimizes the risk of the heater toppling over. Higher-end models with more

advanced features offer a switch that automatically closes off the burner as it senses the heaters falling.


A thermocouple is a flame failure device that responds to changes in temperature and shuts off the gas valve if the flame goes out. This is an essential feature as it will prevent gas leaks if the flame is extinguished due to high winds.

4.CE/ETL Safety Rating

A CE/ETL safety rating is a seal of approval for the patio heater. The CE/ETL safety rating means that the unit has been tested

and approved by a third-party evaluator to meet a rigorous set of standards, and it has been deemed safe for use in North America.