What type of patio heater is most efficient?

2022-11-09 10:00

Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters have certainly modernised over the last few years and are more environmentally friendly than ever.Not only are they safer for the environment,they also come in some amazing designs and styles which means that no matter how‘different’your style is,there will always be a gas patio heater available to suit your taste.If you are using a patio heater for your garden,then these types of heaters can transform what was once used as a dumping ground over the winter months,into a beautiful chic new room attached to your house.Gas heaters can come as outdoor wall heaters,outdoor heating lamps as well as parasol heaters,meaning that you can enjoy your patio in almost all weathers.

The most commonly used gas heaters are LPG burners,which are found in Pubs,bar gardens and smoking areas,such as our popular gas patio heater.These LPG burners use liquid petroleum and are more expensive than their counterparts.They are usually quite bulky looking and compared with the price of electricity,they are more expensive and therefore more idea for larger commercial environments.